Vision - Mission Statement

HSBE Vision and Mission


The H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship is a worldwide provider of academic, professional, and practical education for individuals in business, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations, possessing a recognized reputation for quality using personal relationships and appropriate technology to provide superior real-world learning experiences for students in a manner that allows education to be an integral part of their lives.


The mission of the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship is to advance the intellectual and career development of our diverse community of students.

To fulfill this mission, we:

  • Partner with industry to offer entrepreneurial and experiential learning.
  • Build student leadership skills in a global context.
  • Emphasize critical thinking, corporate social responsibility, and ethical decision-making.
  • Deliver accessible, innovative, relevant and student-centered learning.
  • Capitalize on the business and research experience of our dedicated faculty.
  • Leverage the unique international and service economy of southeastern Florida.

We believe in this fast-paced, rapidly changing world, individuals in business, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations need convenient, accessible, superior-value educational opportunities. Only by utilizing faculty possessing scholarly and professional qualifications, providing personal interaction with students, and effectively using technology, can we prepare students for success.

We can only realize our vision if all faculty and staff of the Huizenga Business School, with the support of our other stakeholders, are dedicated to innovation in courses, curricula, delivery methods, and services to students according to the students' needs.

The success of the Huizenga Business School is contingent upon the ability of our faculty, staff, and students to apply newly-acquired knowledge to create value in their respective business, academic, government, and nonprofit organizations in particular, and society as a whole.


1.  Conduct all of our academic affairs with integrity.

2.  Be committed to the Huizenga Business School's vision, mission, philosophy, and principles.

3.  Treat each other with dignity, respect, and sensitivity so as to create a caring environment that allows faculty, staff, and students to reach their greatest potential.

4.  Stay focused on, and anticipate the needs of our constituents so we can prepare our students to be "shapers" of our society, not mere "reactors."

5.  Set high expectations for ourselves and demonstrate initiative, judgment, flexibility, and teamwork so we may fulfill our mission and vision.

6.  Have a compelling desire to advance the knowledge of how organizations function, and apply this knowledge so that developing creative solutions is a major focus of life.

7.  Have the vision, creativity, openness, and receptivity to challenge the status quo, to create learning and change, and view our role in the Huizenga Business School and the University as part of a dynamic process rather than a set of static, fixed relationships with related tasks.

8.  Constantly try to understand the contributions we can make to the vision and mission of the organization, and seek to contribute where there is a clear, comparative advantage.

9.  Believe that lifelong learning, and the application of that learning, greatly enhances society.

10.  Be culturally mature and demonstrate a strong appreciation for diversity and the richness it brings to life and learning.

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H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship