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Events - Spring Term 2012
GBSA Hosts Power Lunch Series
Juiceblendz Power Lunch
From left: Steven Dacres; GBSA PR Executive; Adam Ogden, Founder and CEO of Juiceblendz; Arturo Bermudez, GBSA President; James Richardson; GBSA Member.

"The Juiceblendz Story" featured Adam Ogden, Founder & CEO of Juiceblendz, a fast-growing smoothie and nutrition company. Ogden shared his experience of taking a risk with starting the company and what he learned as an entrepreneur along the way. He also spoke about the franchising side of operations. See video.

JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase Power Lunch
From left: Arturo Bermudez; Marie Josue, JP Morgan Chase Representative; and Samira Kassam, GBSA Treasurer.

At the JP Morgan Chase Workshop, Marie Josue discussed ways for MBA students to establish a solid relationship with a bank, including the loan process for a small business.

Entrepreneur Hall of Fame
Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

GBSA members volunteered at the 2012 Entrepreneur Hall of Fame at the Signature Grand. Students were motivated by hearing the speeches given by the honorees--Joel L. Altman, Chairman & CEO of The Altman Companies; George Feldenkreis, Chairman & CEO of Perry Ellis International; and Philip P. Smith, Chairman & CEO of Phil Smith Management.

GoGSAT Power Lunch
From left: GBSA Members Khristann Domville and Christina Jean: Shalette East, Founder of GoGSAT; Arturo Bermudez and Samira Kassam.

Shalette East, Founder of GoGSAT, presented "I finished my MBA-- Now, Show Me the Money!" While working on her MBA at the Huizenga Business School, East worked countless hours developing all facets of the business, which provides quality examination preparation and online help to students in grades one to six. She advised students to never give up on their entrepreneurial dreams, especially today, when the internet affords a level playing field. East is currently finishing a Ph.D. at the NSU Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences. See video.

PAN-SGA Round Table with NSU President Hanbury
PAN-SGA Round Table
From left: Arturo Bermudez and NSU President George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D.

GBSA President Arturo Bermudez and GBSA Executive VP Danielle Letendre participated in a round table discussion with 38 other representatives from NSU centers. The focus of the night was on the key role each student government association plays in the lives of the student population and how enrollment increases dramatically when students have a great experience at NSU.

Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual Power Lunch
Kevin Lawhon, Northwestern Mutual Managing Partner - South Florida Group

During his talk on "Finding Your Competitive Advantage", Kevin Lawhon focused on ten leadership traits learned from his experiences. A key one was having an "other-focused philosophy." See video.

Citro Power Lunch
From left: Carla Withrow, GBSA Advisor; Emmanuel Carrrie, Founder and CEO of Citro; and Arturo Bermudez

Current MBA student Emmanuel Carrie shared his experience on launching his own company, both manufacturing and marketing Citro, a lemon-lime flavored beverage. Carrie attributed his success in part to one of his entrepreneurship classes, Venture Creation.

Slogan Competition Winner Vivien Anderson
Slogan Competition Winner Vivien Anderson
From left: Vivien Anderson, MBA Finance Student, and Arturo Bermudez.

GBSA held a competition during Spring Term for a new slogan to creatively represent its mission. The prize, an iPad 3, was awarded to Vivien Anderson, whose entry was "GBSA: Empowering Leaders".

End of Term Dinner
GBSA End of Term Dinner

GBSA members gathered at Bistro at B Ocean in Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate the culmination of a successful term of professional development events.

Events - Winter Term 2012
GBSA Hosts Power Lunch Series
Career Exchange
Career Exchange Power Lunch
From left: Sue Romanos, GBSA President Arturo Bermudez and GBSA Secretary Patricia Celleri

"Outlook on the Job Market," featured Sue Romanos, Founder & President of Career Exchange, a talent acquisition agency that provides management solutions to 500+ companies. As is often the case, Romanos reminded the students of the importance of networking in the job search.

Legal Shield
Legal Shield Power Lunch
From left: Kelly Rheault, Patricia Celleri and Arturo Bermudez

Kelly Rheault, Senior Vice President of Group Marketing, presented "Protecting Your Personal Identity," She also addressed how lucrative sales careers can be. Legal Shield provides legal services to 1.4 million families across the United States and Canada.

Donk's Memphis
Donk's Memphis Power Lunch
From left: Melanie Blonshine; Kevin Blonshine; Carla Withrow, GBSA Advisor; Arturo Bermudez, GBSA President; Danielle Letendre, GBSA Vice President; and Doug Hoffman, Founder.

HSBE MBA Alumnus Doug Hoffman, along with his chef (Kevin Blonshine) and COO (Melanie Blonshine), brought a sampling of Donk’s Memphis meals to GBSA’s Board meeting. Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Donk's Memphis, mentioned how his experience at the Huizenga School gave him the tools that he needed to become an entrepreneur.

Vernon Shazier
Vernon Shazier Power Lunch
Vernon Shazier, Miami Dolphins Chaplain

Rev. Shazier spoke to an enthralled group of students on “How to Build a Championship Team”, which is also the title of his book.

The Art of Networking
Art of Networking Power Lunch

Huizenga Business School Dean Michael Fields and Associate Dean of External Affairs Joe Pineda received great advice on networking and effective sales strategies. NSU’s graduate students listened intently as Pineda told them to stay away from those who walk around at events with a stack of business cards. Networking means developing relations, not just collecting cards.

GBSA Co-Hosts Professional Development Event with Young Professional's Network
Young Professional's network

Urban League’s YPN held a “Town Hall Meeting” at the Huizenga School on 2/29/12. Guests came from across South Florida to discuss the “Brain Drain” epidemic that is affecting our local economy.

Young Professional's network

GBSA President Arturo E. Bermudez, took the stage to speak about the importance of leadership and how GBSA promotes the integration of students into the business arena.

Young Professional's network
Steven Dacres, GBSA VP of Events; Christina Jean, GBSA PR Director; Arturo Bermudez, GBSA President; Phil Mobley.

Host, Phil Mobley took time out to speak with the GBSA members in order to get first hand testimonials from those most affected by the “Brain Drain”.

Energy & Autos
Energy & Autos

The Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, GBSA and the Huizenga School’s Strategic Forum Student Group volunteers premier the new energy efficient Toyota line of cars.

Events - Spring Term 2011
GBSA Volunteers With Kids Ecology Corps
Kids Ecology Corps
“Working Together for a Healthy Community Environment”

On May 21, members of GBSA joined the Kids Ecology Corps in building nature trails, removing exotic plants, and planting cypress trees. This non-profit organization has influenced students in understanding the importance of native trees and keeping the environment clean since its inception in 1981. To learn more about volunteering with the Kids Ecology Corps:

GBSA Hosts Compensation Negotiation Power Lunch
Compensation Negotiation Workshop
L to R: Jamone Robinson, Leighton Regis, Tavares Kennedy, Carla Withrow, Sam Hines, Nakeesha Zamor, and Sarah Socarras.

On April 20th, the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) hosted a Power Lunch featuring Sam Hines, Senior Executive Search Consultant at Human Resource Synergies. Hines discussed the importance of strategically negotiating compensation during a job interview. Compensation package items include relocation expenditures, stock options, and medical benefits. Hines detailed the different tactics an interviewer can use in order to prevent giving away too much. His main suggestion was to research the market for the particular position you are applying for. Another method to negotiate a salary effectively is to avoid giving away a specific salary and also to maintain within general salary brackets. Previously, Hines was the Director of Human Resources for Logistics at Ryder. He is also the former President of the South Florida Chapter of the National Black MBA Association.

GBSA Participates in Feeding South Florida Community Service Event
Feeding South Florida
L to R: Thedly Nicolas, Fiona Banton, Fiona Heaven, and Darnielle Thomas.

Last month, GBSA participated in a community service event with Feeding South Florida. Feeding South Florida is a not-for-profit organization which supports other South Florida not-for-profit organizations that assist people in need by providing food and other grocery products. On April 16th, GBSA members arrived at the Broward Distribution Center in order to support the organization with their food packaging needs in order to better serve non-for-profits in South Florida. Members helped package vegetables, a necessary item for nutrition. Some of the organizations benefiting from these efforts include Camillus House, Salvation Army, and The Soup Kitchen.

GBSA Participates in NSU’s Intramural Soccer Tournament
GBSA Intramural Soccer
GBSA members participate in Intramural Soccer Tournament

During the month of May, GBSA participated in the recreational intramural soccer tournament. They participated against teams “Nursing Sharks” and “Barely Legal.” Team GBSA won the first game and the second game resulted in a tie. Although GBSA is now out of the running, participants were happy to compete against other NSU programs and represent the Business School.

GBSA Explores the Vatican Splendors Exhibit
GBSA at Vatican Splendors Exhibit
L to R: Sarah Socarras, Preena Amin, Mikael Bardes, Adrien Gontero, Tavares Kennedy, and Kevin Korngold.

On April 21st, GBSA members had the rare opportunity to witness never-before-seen artworks from The Vatican. Over 200 works of art from artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini, and Giotto were on display, representing hundreds of years in history. The exhibit comprises one of the largest Vatican collections ever to tour North America. Members were able to listen to an audio tour describing pieces of art from Italy as they walked among the art. Items on display included bone fragments of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to Michelangelo's art and tools used in work on the Sistine Chapel.

GBSA Hosts Lunch with the Dean
Lunch with the Dean
Dean Michael Fields addresses graduate business students at the Lunch with the Dean hosted by the Graduate Business Student Association.

On April 27th, the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) hosted a Lunch with Dean Michael Fields. Graduate business students had the opportunity to ask important questions. Topics such as graduate scholarships, internship opportunities, and tuition were discussed.

As the student government of the business school at Nova Southeastern University, the Graduate Business Student Association meets with the Dean on a monthly basis to voice your concerns. If you have any questions or would like GBSA to present an issue to the Dean at their upcoming meeting, email

Graduate Business Students Compete in Rockwall Challenge

On May 10th, graduate business students had the opportunity to compete in a rockwall climb challenge. The competition tested students endurance as well as physical and mental strength. Cash for textbooks was awarded to the top three participants. The winners were Dean Quintao, Dex Rho and Mick Tapeosc.

Events - Winter Term 2011
GBSA Participates in NSU's Community Fest
GBSA at NSU Community Fest
L to R—GBSA Officers: Leighton Regis, Executive VP; Cecil Pardave, VP Events; Sarah Socarras, President

On Feb. 12, members of The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) participated in the annual NSU Community Fest. Students volunteered their time at a Bean Bag Toss game booth sponsored by GBSA. The event attracted hundreds of people from the NSU community as well as the general public. Children of all ages participated in games to promote work/life balance. Valentine’s Day chocolate prizes were given to participants who were able to toss the bean bag in the furthest slot on the game board. The lively atmosphere generated a positive response from all who attended!

GBSA Visits local Merrill Lynch Offices

On Feb. 16 student leaders from the Graduate Business Student Group and Strategic Forum Student group visit the offices of Merrill Lynch in Boca Raton. Joseph Fehrman, Financial Advisor, gave students insights into the world of wealth management. Students were also able to meet with Greg Miseyko, the Portfolio Manager in the Personal Investment Advisory(SM) Program of Merrill Lynch. Both men provided students with essential information about efficient portfolio management, client consulting, and trends in the market. They discussed the importance of research and reading as it pertains to the industry. Students engaged in a thought-provoking Q & A session with both men and left with a world of information and resources at their fingertips.

GBSA Hosts New Student Lunch
GBSA Hosts New Student Lunch

The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) hosted an informational lunch for new students on Tuesday, Jan. 11. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions to leaders of GBSA and other Huizenga Business School groups. Represented were The Finance and Economic Association, The Society for Human Resource Management, and Strategic Forum Student Group.

GBSA Hosts Robert Hacker, CFO of One Laptop Per Child
One Laptop Per Child CEO Robert Hacker

The first GBSA Power Lunch of the 2011 was held on Jan. 19, and featured Robert Hacker, CFO of One Laptop Per Child. Hacker discussed the economics behind a successful non-profit, the founders of the organization, and current operations. He also spoke about how effectively manage unexpected effects of the mission, including social equality and human dignity. One Laptop Per Child is a not-for-profit organization that creates educational opportunities for the world's poorest children by providing each child with a low-cost laptop. Internships are offered in Africa and South America. Learn more at

GBSA Members Give Back to Joe DiMaggio's Children Hospital
Community Service at Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital

On Jan. 22, members of GBSA dedicated a morning to making hand puppets and hosting a puppet show with the children at Joe DiMaggio's Children Hospital. The children were delighted when members of GBSA sang songs and danced for them. "The experience was one of the best I've had, it really opened my eyes and made me realize I have so much to be thankful for," said Thedly Nicolas, GBSA's Community Service Chair.

GBSA Hosts Matthew Rickoff, Florida Panthers Executive

On Jan. 26, GBSA hosted a Power Lunch featuring a leader in the sports entertainment industry, Matthew Rickoff, the Senior Director of Business Development for the Florida Panthers Hockey Club and Bank Atlantic Center. Rickoff gave students an overview of marketing and business development. Teaching students what drives revenue at the stadium. He touched base on advances in marketing ROI and ROO reports to corporate donors, and keys to success in internships.

Events - Fall Term 2010
Professional Development Workshop in Sales & Marketing
Professional Development Workshop Professional Development Workshop
Photo 1 from left: Claudia Zeller, Executive VP of GBSA; Octavio Ramirez, VP MIS and Communications NSHMBA-South Florida Chapter; Joe Pineda, Huizenga Business School Assistant Dean of External Affairs; Catalina Victoria, President of GBSA

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Graduate Business Student Association partnered with the National Society for Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) of South Florida to hold a professional development workshop on the evening of Thursday, October 7th, 2010 in The Huizenga Sales Institute Grand Room. Featured speakers were Lucy Celada, HR Manager of Miami at Pepsi Beverages Company, who spoke about the management opportunities at the company; an Freddie Torres, President of the National Hispanic Sales Network, who provided an informational presentation on key aspects of becoming a successful salesperson. The Huizenga Sales Institute Director, Dr. Charlie Pettijohn, spoke about the new state-of-the-art facility on the third floor of the Carl DeSantis Building and the innovative partnership between the Huizenga School and Sandler Training. Guests included NSHMBA members, Huizenga School students and faculty, and community business leaders.

Events - Winter Term 2010
Community Service – Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
Community Service at Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital
From left: Joanna Quintero, Kurt Wintle, Jami Perry-Morrow, Anne Librach, Michelle Singh, Valerie Jackson, Melanie McField, Claudia Zeller

"T-shirt painting" was the theme of GBSA's visit to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood on August 20. GBSA purchased the supplies, which they used in the playroom as well as individual patient rooms. The children ranged in age from very young to 16, and all enjoyed creating their own unique, wearable art. The GBSA students felt rewarded by chatting with the children and working together. Anne Librach, GBSA Community Service Chair, said, "We felt extremely rewarded to be able to bring a little happiness to children who have been through so much."

To volunteer at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital go to

GBSA/CREW Mentorship Program

During the 2010 summer term, the GBSA began a partnership with CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women of Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach) to develop a structured, six-month mentorship program. Twelve graduate students were paired with CREW members based on interests and career goals.

On July 22 the GBSA hosted a Power Lunch with CREW Board Members Debra Kremblas (Executive Vice President, Procacci Development Corporation), Traci Miller (Director of Business Development, Miller Construction), and Patricia Werhahn (Leasing Executive at Weingarten Realty). View their presentation "Maximize Your Networking Potential" at by clicking "Watch Past Presentation Videos"".

At the Orientation Breakfast Meeting, students learned about the process, goals and expectations of the program. They were given material to guide them in selecting specific goals to provide a framework for success. Areas included establishing short and long term career goals, improving networking skills, and polishing other vital business abilities. Students will meet with their mentors at least six times, and the program will culminate with a dinner in January.

Special thanks go to Patricia Werhahn, GBSA members Geet Patel, Catalina Victoria, and Silvana Fernandez, and Carla Withrow (GBSA faculty advisor).

Events - Winter/Spring Term 2010
Empowering Women Luncheon
Empowering Women Luncheon
From left: Claudia Zeller, Delia Passi, Catalina Victoria

Members of GBSA's executive team attended the "Empowering Women Luncheon" at JM Lexus Conference Center in Margate on July 21st.

Speaker Nancy Mathews, CEO & Founder of Women's Prosperity Network, discussed the difference between a visionary and a "visionary with guts." Delia Passi, President & CEO of Women Certified, also spoke and announced that JM Lexus had been awarded the WomenCertified® Seal for Excellence for its high quality of sales and service. Proceeds went to Women in Distress.

To view Delia Passi’s GBSA Power Lunch and learn more about WomenCertified®, visit and click on "Watch Past Presentation Videos".

Community Service—"No More Tears"
No More Tears Volunteers
From left: Marshall Nyman, Jenna Gabrilove, Michelle Gjertsen, Anne Librach,
and Niels Blake

On July 20th and 21st GBSA held a food, toy, and clothing drive on campus for No More Tears, a non-profit organization working with women in the U.S. who are victims of spousal abuse.

T-shirts from "So-Me", a socially conscious clothing company, were sold with proceeds going to No More Tears. (See Jenna and Anne in picture.) Dr. Laura Finley, a member of the Board of Directors, was a recent GBSA Power Lunch speaker. She informed the GBSA that their contribution of four large carloads of items helped enable an abused woman to avoid eviction from her apartment.

Etiquette Dinner
GBSA Etiquette Dinner
From left: Jeff Kaplan, Chase Waldman, Jenna Gabrilove, Kurt Wintle, Maria Argibay, Mike Pitta, Marshall Nyman

Fifty graduate students participated in the GBSA's annual Etiquette Dinner at the Signature Grand on July 22. Speaker Mary Harris drew on her successful 17-year career in corporate communications and marketing to share essential "dos and don'ts" of business dining and the differences between American and Continental styles. The increased comfort level for business dining situations provided the students with a very useful competitive edge.

March of Dimes – "March for Babies"
Volunteer Day at March of Dimes
From left: Hireni Patel, Claudia Zeller, Niyati Mehta, Jitiksha Shah, Anne Librach, Catalina Victoria; Jeremy Woods in back.

On May 7, 2010, GBSA members helped set up banners in vendor tents for the May 8th March of Dimes "March for Babies" at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. The not-for-profit organization is committed to helping improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature births, and infant mortality. The "March for Babies" in South Florida is a six-mile walk raising funds for research, community service, education, and advocacy.

Albert Fils, Board President for the March of Dimes Broward Division, expressed his thanks: "Not only did your 'team' come out in force, but the energy, excitement and willingness to help was outstanding. Your team was a model of what we look for in volunteers. I am grateful for your help and glad my company's relationship with Nova keeps growing."

Community Service at Feeding South Florida - April 19, 2010
Volunteer Day at Feeding South Florida
From left: Back Row: Jeremy Woods, Ryan Glenn. Middle Row: Anne Librach, Niyati Mehta, Claudia Zeller, Clarissa Gruner, Dana Merise, Jitiksha Shah. Front Row: Catalina Gonzalez, Hireni Patel, and Geet Patel.

GBSA students spent a fulfilling Friday afternoon doing administrative and warehouse/salvage tasks at the Feeding South Florida distribution center.

Feeding South Florida has decreased hunger since 1981 by reducing waste. Food donations are solicited from a variety of sources – farmers, processors, grocers, and restaurants among others – and distributed through a network of agencies. The non-profit organization distributes approximately 1.8 million pounds of food each month to hungry South Floridians, including children and the elderly, the unemployed, and the working poor.

Social Evening - Dave and Busters April 22, 2010
Social Event at Dave and Busters
From left: Back Row: Ryan Glenn, Akshat Bhargava, Jeremy Woods, Adrees Jaat. Front Row: Niyati Mehta, Jitiksha Shah, Dana Merise, Catalina Gonzalez.

The GBSA hosted this networking event open to all business students. After a group dinner came pool playing and arcade gaming.

"Being Black in Business: Past and Future" Feb. 18, 2010
Being Black in Business
From left: Dr. Preston Jones, Commissioner Barbara Sharief, Catherine Minnis, Patricia Williams.

In celebration of Black History Month, the Graduate Business Student Association hosted a panel of four successful black South Florida executives at the Huizenga Business School. The panel consisted of Patricia Williams, Manager of Inclusion and Supplier Diversity for the Burger King Corporation; Catherine Minnis, President of the Black MBA Association, South Florida Chapter; Commissioner Barbara Sharief, Miramar City Council; and Dr. Preston Jones, HSBE Executive Associate Dean. An interesting topic brought forth by the Panel was how important it is to have determination and perseverance as a businessperson and entrepreneur. For example, the Commissioner Sharief pointed out that she was not elected for commissioner until her second attempt at running for the position. Catherine Minnis discussed the importance of networking, which landed her an assignment as chair of the 2010 Super Bowl Host Committee. Dr. Preston Jones reminded students that in business “excellence can be rejected, but not denied.” Finally, Patricia Williams educated students on changes in business hiring of minorities over the years. Today the focus on hiring is increasingly based on education and experience, not gender or ethnic background.

GBSA Beach Social
2010 Beach Social
From left: Niyati Mehta, Claudia Zeller, Miguel Govea, Clarissa Gruner, Jeremy Woods, Akshat Bhargava, Paola Balaguera.

On February 21st, the Graduate Business Student Association held a "Beach Social" at John U. Lloyd State Park for a day of fun in the sun. Twenty MBA/MIBA students turned out to participate in barbequing and games of volleyball, dominoes, and football. This great event was coordinated by Jeremy Woods, Social Chair of the GBSA.

Events - Fall Term 2009
Business Attire Fashion Show
GBSA Fashion Show GBSA Fashion Show

“Fashionable Professionals” was held on Thursday, January 21 at 6 the Don Taft University Center. The fashion show was a huge success at educating NSU students on the proper/improper dress details for interviews and workplace settings. MC Elena Brouwer, Director & CEO (Chief Etiquette Officer) of International Etiquette Center, added humor and helped create a fun atmosphere as the twenty students displayed their modeling techniques on the runway. Entertainment included a dance by Diana Karpowicz and a piano recital by Catalina Gonzalez. Two Mary Kay Gift Baskets, $30 Chartwells money script, and a $50 Barnes & Noble's gift card (donated by the GBSA) were raffled. Proceeds went to Gawad Kalinga, a non-profit organization working to provide housing and sustainable communities in the Philippines and elsewhere. The event was made possible thanks to the support of PAN-SGA, Mark Kay, and NISHA. The Graduate Business Student Association, which coordinated the event, would like to thank all of the NSU students who participated and attended the event.

Oct. 21 Power Lunch with Craig S. Cohen, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation
GBSA Power Lunch
From left: Paola Balaguera, Geet Patel , Craig Cohen, Akshat Bhargava, Hireni Patel
October 5 MBA Student Welcome Lunch
October 7 “Meet the Professors” Lunch
October 14 GBSA Social at the UC Flight Deck
October 16 Writing Workshop - Linda Firestone, Ph.D.
October 21 Power Lunch with Craig S. Cohen, Director of Sponsorship Development Memorial Foundation, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation
October 28 Lunch with Dean Michael Fields

Corporate Power Lunches & Workshops for the Summer Term
Corporate Power Lunches
July 15 Florida Business Journal
July 22 Oliver Jobson
July 29 MTV Networks Latin America
Aug. 5 Consolidated Credit
Aug. 12 Venture Architects; Melissa Krinzman “Developing a Business Plan & Securing Investment Capital”
August 21 Shift 180; John Drury & Jeff Manchester

Huizenga Business School Hosts Annual GBSA Luncheon
GBSA Luncheon
The Office of Development recently hosted its annual luncheon for the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA). The luncheon was held at Anthony’s Runway 84, hosts Joe Pineda, Assistant Dean of External Affairs and Jade Chen, Director, Development invited special guest Philip G. Schlissel, General Magistrate, Broward County Courthouse to meet the students. GBSA mentor and advisor, Carla Withrow, Assistant Director, Office of Program Management, was also in attendance.

GBSA Hosts Etiquette Dinner
GBSA Etiquette Dinner
On Thursday July 23, 2009 a group of 50 students gathered at the Sheraton Suites Plantation (311 N. University Drive, Plantation, FL 33324) for the Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship Etiquette Dinner. This dinner was hosted by Mary Harris of Etiquette Savvy and lasted from 6:00PM-8:00PM. This dinner encompassed both networking, as well as vital pointers of do’s and don’ts of Business Dining. The exquisite event offered a 3 course meal during which we were able to be coached while dining as well as have an open atmosphere in which to ask questions. The dinner was engaging, informative, and delicious! The evening closed with everyone expressing their gratitude for being able to attend such an essential event.

Young Entrepreneurs Council Hosts a Day at the Races
GBSA at Gulfstream Park
Members of the GBSA joined the Huizenga Business School's Young Entrepreneurs Council and Dean Pohlman on March 11 at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino. After enjoying the races from the Presidential suite, they were invited to the Winner's Circle to be photographed with one of the winning jockeys, Paco Lopez. Gulfstream Park Racing \ and Casino is a corporate partner of the Huizenga Business School.

GBSA Bowling Social
GBSA Bowling Social
Every semester the GBSA will put on a bowling social right before midterms. This semester the event was held at Sparez Bowling Alley on April 23rd. The event brought out 45 students to enjoy free bowling, food, shoes and drinks.

GBSA honors Dean Pohlman at Pillar of the Community Award
Honoring Dean Pohlman
The GBSA Student Organization, participated in the recognition of Dean Randolph Pohlman, Ph.D with the Pillar of the community Award for Victory Living Programs, on Wednesday, November 12 at the Signature Grand. This award is presented to members of the community who demonstrate altruistic achievements to support education and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them become productive and contributing members of their communities.
Pictured left to right are: Miguel Govea, Heather Lief, Akshat Bhargava,Dave Cohn, Nageen Ali, H. Wayne Huizenga, Dean Randolph Pohlman Ph.D, Daniel Garzon, Lisandra Brown, Octavio Ramirez,and Judith Diaz.

GBSA Volunteers at South Florida International Blues Festival
The GBSA helped organize the South Florida International Blues Festival at NSU. It was an amazing weekend event from November 7-9. There were live bands, great tasting food, and lots of friendly people. GBSA volunteers worked the t-shirt booth and raised money for the organization. It was a blast!

Ropes Course - October 25
GBSA learns the ropes
GBSA learns the ropes
GBSA learns the ropes
GBSA learns the ropes
GBSA members participated in a team building activity at FAU—the L.I.F.T. Ropes Course. We went through various outdoor group exercises that helped us develop team work skills. We were also challenged to think creatively and work together to complete the activities. It was a fun and exciting day as students were asked to find solutions to the difficult ropes courses.

Dolphins vs. Chargers - October 5
GBSA at the game
GBSA at the game GBSA at the game
GBSA members went to support the Miami Dolphins. It was a great game. (Dolphins WON!).