Dr. Albert Williams

Associate Professor of Finance and Economics

Dr. Albert Williams

From rice paddy farmers in Belize to students in classrooms, Albert Williams has dedicated his career to making a positive impact on people's lives. “My teaching philosophy is based on caring and sharing. I care deeply about each student and want him or her to succeed,” said Williams.

Williams' real-life experiences stem from a varied career in academia, economics, and finance in the Caribbean and the U.S. His love of the classroom began as a high school math teacher in Belize, but his deeper understanding of business and public service grew through positions as a project officer in the Development Finance Corporation in Belize and an agricultural economist for the government of Belize. Williams spent five years as the CEO of the Belize Marketing Board. To better his understanding of conducting business in the United States, he became a commodity analyst at Restaurant Services, Inc., the purchasing arm of Burger King. His diverse career has resulted in his position as a sought-after lecturer on the topics of finance, international trade, business ethics, economics, and business statistics for students, public officers, and private sector groups.

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View Professor Williams' 2015 Economic Forecast.

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