Minor in Finance

If your career goals involve working in a financial institution, the minor in finance will provide you the additional knowledge and skills essential to your success.

The minor in finance requires completion of 18 credit hours.


FIN 3010 Corporation Finance  3 credits

Select five of the following:

ECN 3025 Intermediate Macroeconomics  3 credits
ECN 3210 Monetary Theory & Policy  3 credits
FIN 3110 Financial Management  3 credits
FIN 3120 Principles of Investments  3 credits
FIN 3130 Securities Analysis  3 credits
FIN 3150 Banking & Financial Institutions  3 credits
FIN 4120 Advanced Financial Management  3 credits
FIN 4550 International Finance and Banking  3 credits

Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

Course Descriptions

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MGT 2050     Principles Of Management  (3 cr.)

Principles of Management : Provides an overview of management history and theory, schools of management thought, the functions and processes of management, and the environment within which the modern manager operates.

ECN 3025     Intermediate Macroeconomics  (3 cr.)

This course expands upon the tools of economic analysis covered in Principles of Macroeconomics. An overview of current macroeconomics events is followed by an in-depth study of the methodologies used to predict economic activity. Prerequisites: ECN 3020.

ECN 3210     Monetary Theory & Policy  (3 cr.)

Monetary Theory & Policy: Examines the structure and function of the American banking system, the Federal Reserve System, and the function of monetary policy in the regulation of the national economy. Prerequisites: ECN 2025 and MATH 1030.

FIN 3110     Financial Management  (3 cr.)

Financial Management: A continuation of Corporation Finance. Topics include present value analysis, rate of return, and other techniques used to evaluate investment alternatives. Prerequisite: FIN 3010.

FIN 3120     Principles of Investments  (3 cr.)

Principles of Investments: Investment management is emphasized including financial statements and portfolio management. Analyzes financial statements, discusses the use of rating services such as Moody's and Standard and Poor's, and compares growth and income investments.

FIN 3130     Securities Analysis  (3 cr.)

Securities Analysis: Builds on the foundation of investment management developed in FIN 3120 by focusing on the management of funds of institutional investors, including insurance companies, pension funds, and foundations. Prerequisite: FIN 3120.

FIN 3150     Banking & Financial Institutions  (3 cr.)

Banking and Financial Institutions: Studies the operation in commercial banks, savings and loan associations, and saving banks. Topics include loans, mortgages, bonds, investments, trusts, marketing, and auditing. Discusses the impact of federal and state regulations on financial institutions. Prerequisite: FIN 3010.

FIN 4120     Advanced Financial Management  (3 cr.)

Advanced Financial Management: This course explores the role of the financial manager in finding sources of corporate funds, valuation, and capital budgeting. This course also examines financial forecasting and short and long-term financing. Prerequisite: FIN 3110 and FIN 3115

FIN 4550     International Finance and Banking  (3 cr.)

International Finance and Banking: Topics include international monetary systems, foreign exchange markets, exchange rates, international financial institutions, and capital markets. Prerequisite: ECN 2025.

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