Minor in Management

Managers in today's competitive business world need to possess knowledge and skills that will help them become effective decision makers and leaders. Designed to enhance your interpersonal, managerial, leadership and communication skills, the minor in management will help provide you with the extra edge needed to excel in your career.

The minor in management requires completion of 15 credit hours.


MGT 2050 Principles Of Management  3 credits

Select four of the following:

HRM 4160 Human Resource Management  3 credits
LED 3000 Introduction to Leadership  3 credits
MGT 2510 Supervisory Skills  3 credits
MGT 3020 Business Communications  3 credits
MGT 3050 Organization Theory  3 credits
HRM 3100 Managing Conflict and Change  3 credits
MGT 4100 Business Ethics  3 credits
MGT 4170 Organizational Behavior  3 credits
HRM 4300 Managing Workplace Diversity  3 credits

Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

Course Descriptions

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MGT 2050     Principles Of Management  (3 cr.)

Provides an overview of management history and theory, schools of management thought, the functions and processes of management, and the environment within which the modern manager operates.

HRM 4160     Human Resource Management  (3 cr.)

Surveys personnel policies, techniques, and methods. Topics include wage and salary management, personnel selection and placement, labor relations, and employee rights.

LED 3000     Introduction to Leadership  (3 cr.)

This course presents leadership as an on-going and developing set of theories and models. Recognizing these theories and models provides a basis for understanding how leadership influences the success of individuals, groups, and organizations. The development of several of these theories and models will be considered to create a current perspective on leadership.

MGT 2510     Supervisory Skills  (3 cr.)

Studies the changing responsibilities of first-level supervisors. Topics include high-quality management, multicultural diversity, dealing with unions, equal opportunity legislation, discipline procedures, and organizational ethics and politics.

MGT 3020     Business Communications  (3 cr.)

Examines the strategies of effective written and oral business communications. Topics include persuasive messages, delivery of good news and bad news, sales letters, collection messages, design of business reports and oral presentations, use of visual aids, and resume preparation. Prerequisite: COMP 1500.

MGT 3050     Organization Theory  (3 cr.)

Emphasizes the structure of modern organizations and systems. The special problems of complex organizations, project and/or program management, matrix management, venture management, and contingency management will be discussed. Prerequisite: MGT 2050

HRM 3100     Managing Conflict and Change  (3 cr.)

Examines the impact of conflict, stress and change on the workplace and the quality of work life. Topics include the myriad of stressors and their effect as well as the selection of appropriate interventions and responses.

MGT 4100     Business Ethics  (3 cr.)

Examines the nature of morality and theories of normative ethics. Identifies a variety of ethical issues and moral challenges involving consumers, the environment, the professions, and the role of the corporation in our society. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

MGT 4170     Organizational Behavior  (3 cr.)

The class material will include both theory and practical application of Organizational Behavior in organizations. OB is the study of how individuals and groups impact the behavior within an organization. It is a field of systematic study that focuses on improving productivity, quality, and assisting practitioners to develop methods to empower people as well as to design and implement to change programs. We live in a world characterized by rapid change, globalization, and diversity. OB offers insights in these areas while providing guidance for managers in creating an ethically healthy work climate. Prerequisite: MGT 2050.

HRM 4300     Managing Workplace Diversity  (3 cr.)

Prepares students to manage in the diverse work place. Emphasis is on practical, experiential classroom activities designed to help students understand the range of cultural behaviors and expectations found in the work place.

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