Entrepreneurship Certificate

The name of our business school, The H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, says it all! H. Wayne Huizenga is one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. In fact, our country is built on the vision, motivation, and performance of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurship certificate will give you the core knowledge necessary to realize your entrepreneurial vision. You will cover entrepreneurship and law, venture creation, entrepreneurship finance, entrepreneurship management, and international trade for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship certificate will empower you to create your own business that can grow to whatever you want it to be!

Class Formats:
  • Weeknight classes on the main campus

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Required Courses

Total credits: 13
MKT 5955 Internet Marketing and Social Networking  
ENT 5960 Entrepreneurship/Venture Creation  
FIN 5970 Entrepreneurship/Finance  
ENT 5981 Entrepreneurship Capstone  

Course Descriptions

MKT 5955     Internet Marketing and Social Networking  (3 cr.)

Students will gain an entrepreneurial understanding of the processes, tools and planning steps required to develop enterprise-wide internet infrastructures that expand brand recognition, manage customer relationships, and enable e-commerce for online product distribution, supply chain management and in-house communications. Students will get hands-on experience developing websites as well as launching social media marketing, search engine marketing and select e-Commerce initiatives. A primary objective of the course is to acquaint students with the complexity and power of e-commerce and internet marketing so as to appreciate the resource commitment and decision making process for evaluating online vs. traditional infrastructures. The hands-on approach will reinforce this understanding for entrepreneurs that are seeking firsthand knowledge of the skills and resources required to launch e-Commerce and internet marketing initiatives.

ENT 5960     Entrepreneurship/Venture Creation  (3 cr.)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the employment process, managing growth, and the legal environment using the case-study method, guest speakers and feasibility plan software.

FIN 5970     Entrepreneurship/Finance  (3 cr.)

Developing the business plan, capital formation, valuation, and financial management using the case-study method, guest speakers, and business plan software. Prerequisites: FINP 5008 or equivalent and ENT 5960.

ENT 5981     Entrepreneurship Capstone  (4 cr.)

Lean process improvement, operations management, inventory control, and change management using the case-study method, and guest speakers. Student teams will be assigned lean consulting work at selected businesses in the community. Prerequisite: FIN 5970

Foundation Courses

Because Master's level study extends knowledge and skills acquired in both the classroom and workplace, the successful completion of the following foundation courses are required in order to enroll in this certificate program. Satisfactory completion of foundation courses requires a "C" grade or better in each.

FINP 5008     Business Finance  (3 cr.)

Business Finance: A survey of the essentials of finance and its environment. Financial management as it applies to organizations, ratio analysis, leverage, working capital management, capital budgeting, capital structure, and other concepts as they apply to business organizations. Course satisfies program prerequisite of finance for master's degree programs.

Gainful Employment Disclosure