Marketing Certificate

The corporate world has long been requesting marketing programs at the master's level. These employers have recognized that strong marketing skills are required for virtually any corporate career. In addition, if you intend to own your own business, no matter what field you are in, marketing skills are crucial.

The Concentration and the Certificate in Marketing were designed with the needs of different industries incorporated into the course content. The Marketing Manager position is normally described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as someone responsible for planning, directing and coordinating marketing policies and programs. Marketing managers also help to determine the demand for products and services, identify potential customers and develop pricing strategies with the goal of maximizing the firm's profits or share of the market.

All of the courses included in the Marketing Concentration or Marketing Certificate will give the potential Marketing Manager or Entrepreneur the tools for strategic thinking and skills that can translate into success!

Class Formats:
  • Online and weeknights on the main campus

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Required Courses

Total credits: 15
MKT 5070 Managerial Marketing  
Choose 4 from:
MKT 5017 Delivering Superior Customer Value  
MKT 5210 Advanced Sales Management Concepts  
MKT 5570 Marketing Research  
MKT 5575 Brand Management  
MKT 5580 Services Marketing  
MKT 5585 Internet Marketing and Social Networking  
MKT 5833 Global Marketing  

Course Descriptions

MKT 5017     Delivering Superior Customer Value  (3 cr.)

This course stresses the service aspects of an organization, especially customer service, marketing and organizational responsiveness, and how to create superior customer value. Via an integrated marketing and operations perspective and the use of case analysis, students will understand how to blend the delivery of service and quality, together with pricing strategies to maximize the value proposition. Strategies for optimizing and communicating customer value, measuring customer orientation, and relationship marketing are also examined.

MKT 5210     Advanced Sales Management Concepts  (3 cr.)

The course provides a broad overview of the unique opportunities and challenges encountered in the process of managing the sales function. Initially, the course focuses on the distinctiveness and the importance of managing the sales function. From this point, the class begins to assess the aspects of sales management that are critical to the organization's success. The subjects discussed include sales forecasting, strategy, organization, human resources, appraisals and more. Each of the topics is examined through readings, discussions, lectures and specific cases. At the conclusion of the course, the student will have an appreciation for not only the unique challenges of sales management, but also the ways in which managers maximize the long-term productivity and profitability of the sales function. Prerequisite: MKTP 5005 or equivalent.

MKT 5570     Marketing Research  (3 cr.)

This course concentrates on the application of marketing research techniques and theory in order to aid decision makers in the solution of marketing problems. Topics include problem definition, research design, (including exploratory, conclusive, and survey research), collection of marketing information from primary and secondary sources, sample design, and analysis of data including statistical techniques and specific research application in marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 5070

MKT 5575     Brand Management  (3 cr.)

Students will gain a working knowledge of the fundamentals of strategic product brand management. The course will consist of the components of branding, including brand equity, brand identity development and brand positions; how to build brands; growing brands and managing and sustaining brands. The role of IMC in building brands will be discussed as well as branding in different contexts including business-to-business and branding in entrepreneurial organizations. Use will be made of case studies. Prerequisite: MKT 5070.

MKT 5580     Services Marketing  (3 cr.)

This course is designed to help managers work effectively in service-driven organizations. Students will explore marketing concepts, frameworks and models designed to facilitate analysis of different services and to help in development and implementation of appropriate strategies. During the course students will learn to recognize the nature of different types of services, to dissect service experiences, to evaluate service delivery systems, and to understand the roles played by customers themselves. Students will be exposed to concepts, skills, and strategies for addressing the imperative marketing challenges and opportunities involving services, such as service innovation and self-service technology. Prerequisite: MKT 5070.

MKT 5585     Internet Marketing and Social Networking  (3 cr.)

Students will gain an entrepreneurial understanding of the processes, tools and planning steps required to develop enterprise-wide internet infrastructures that expand brand recognition, manage customer relationships, and enable e-commerce for online product distribution, supply chain management and in-house communications. Students will get hands-on experience developing websites as well as launching social media marketing, search engine marketing and select e-Commerce initiatives. A primary objective of the course is to acquaint students with the complexity and power of e-commerce and internet marketing so as to appreciate the resource commitment and decision making process for evaluating online vs. traditional infrastructures. The hands-on approach will reinforce this understanding for entrepreneurs that are seeking firsthand knowledge of the skills and resources required to launch e-Commerce and internet marketing initiatives.

MKT 5590     Strategic Marketing  (3 cr.)

Students will gain a working knowledge of strategic marketing management by learning how to develop market- driven strategy. The underlying logic of market-driven strategy is that the market and the customers that form the market should be the starting point in business strategy. Students will be able to make strategic choices and learn about Strategic Marketing Planning. Emphasis will be placed on the development of distinctive capabilities and the creation of value for customers. Case studies will be the focus of this course and will include cases in all contexts including entrepreneurial organizations. Prerequisite: 15 graduate credits in the MKT discipline, 3 credit hours of which may be taken concurrently with this course.

MKT 5833     Global Marketing  (3 cr.)

This course is an overview of the unique aspects of marketing in the global economy that provides a framework for analysis. Emphasis is placed on the development of strategies for markets in diverse cultural, political, and economic situations. Focuses on foreign market analysis, target market identification, product planning, promotion, and channels of distribution. Prerequisite: MKTP 5005.

Foundation Courses

Because Master's level study extends knowledge and skills acquired in both the classroom and workplace, the successful completion of the following foundation courses are required in order to enroll in this certificate program. Satisfactory completion of foundation courses requires a "C" grade or better in each.

MKTP 5005     Introductory Marketing  (3 cr.)

This is a survey of the essentials of marketing. Covers the nature of marketing and its environment, selecting target markets, marketing research, customer behavior, and forecasting sales. Emphasis on marketing strategy planning. Course satisfies the program prerequisite of marketing for master's degree programs. This course is not financial aid eligible if taken by itself. Students must be taking an aid eligible course from their degree program with this course in order to receive financial aid.

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