Sales Management Certificate

If sales is the life blood of an organization, sales managers are the heart and soul. With a sales management certificate from the Huizenga Business School, you'll learn the skills necessary to play a critical role in the day-to-day performance and bottom line success of any sales-based organization. From managing meetings and motivating a sales force to coaching and leading by example, you'll learn how to connect with people and motivate them to succeed.

Class Formats:
  • Sales Management concentration courses are offered once a year in sequence, one course per term starting in the fall.
  • Sales Management courses are offered online and weeknights at our main campus.

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Required Courses

Total credits: 15
MKT 5210 Advanced Sales Management Concepts  
MKT 5220 Sales Accounts, Design and Organizational Architecture  
MKT 5230 Sales Management Environment: People, Culture, and Change  
PIM 5010 Project Management  
LED 5630 Leadership Theory and Practice  

Course Descriptions

MKT 5210     Advanced Sales Management Concepts  (3 cr.)

The course provides a broad overview of the unique opportunities and challenges encountered in the process of managing the sales function. Initially, the course focuses on the distinctiveness and the importance of managing the sales function. From this point, the class begins to assess the aspects of sales management that are critical to the organization's success. The subjects discussed include sales forecasting, strategy, organization, human resources, appraisals and more. Each of the topics is examined through readings, discussions, lectures and specific cases. At the conclusion of the course, the student will have an appreciation for not only the unique challenges of sales management, but also the ways in which managers maximize the long-term productivity and profitability of the sales function. Prerequisite: MKTP 5005 or equivalent.

MKT 5220     Sales Accounts, Design and Organizational Architecture  (3 cr.)

The organizational architecture (structure) is a significant determinant of organizational performance and success. The sales manager?s focus has to be on developing a strategic plan and implementing tactics which enable the firm to perform at a high level. This course focuses on the organizational strategy as it relates to the allocation of its sales resources to specific accounts and develops a focus on those accounts. Emphasis will also be given on topics such as territory planning, conducting account analyses, engaging in call analysis, team selling, key account management and engaging in proposal development. In addition to the critical nature of the firm?s organizational design comes the selection of the proper personnel to fill these positions. As such, the manager must identify critical skills, attitudes and behaviors which are required for each position and then implement a staffing plan designed to maintain them. Additionally, once the firm has been structured and staffed, the manager is then charged with maintaining the operation by examining the budgeting, forecasting, compensating and expenditure patterns in the firm. Prerequisite: MKT 5210

MKT 5230     Sales Management Environment: People, Culture, and Change  (3 cr.)

The human side of the sales manager's environment is a key determinant of sales success. Managers are often faced with situations in which an existing organizational and sales culture must be assessed. In many cases, change is required and the focus is on both organizational cultural change and on change in people. This class will examine factors affecting culture and organizational changes. Additionally, the course is designed to assist the manager in developing his/her sales force by examining the sales force competencies, behaviors, attitudes and techniques, engaging in performance reviews, coaching, counseling and mentoring, motivating, developing and perhaps reassessing the organizational relationship with individual salespeople. Prerequisite: MKT 5220.

PIM 5010     Project Management  (3 cr.)

This course develops project management knowledge and skills for the workplace. Topics include customer requirements; interaction with the organization; team facilitation; project planning, execution, control and feedback; implementation and sustainability. Huizenga is certified as a Registered Education Provider (REP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to provide training at a level sufficient to enable the student to immediately sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM?).

LED 5630     Leadership Theory and Practice  (3 cr.)

This is the introductory leadership course in the leadership discipline. The course examines leadership as a process with a three-fold focus: the leader, the followers, and the situation.

Foundation Courses

Because Master's level study extends knowledge and skills acquired in both the classroom and workplace, the successful completion of the following foundation courses are required in order to enroll in this certificate program. Satisfactory completion of foundation courses requires a "C" grade or better in each.

MKTP 5005     Introductory Marketing  (3 cr.)

Introductory Marketing: This is a survey of the essentials of marketing. Covers the nature of marketing and its environment, selecting target markets, marketing research, customer behavior, and forecasting sales. Emphasis on marketing strategy planning. Course satisfies the program prerequisite of marketing for master's degree programs.

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